Qiita:Team is

a convenient place to write and share all of your work
Writing is easy
Write in plain text
Markdown syntax is available.
Simply write notes in plain text and they are quickly converted into beautiful, readable articles.
Qiita:Team also supports code syntax highlighting, so it's easy to develop high quality documents.
Standard documents formats with templates
The templates feature is a useful tool for any document that requires a consistent format, such as meeting minutes.
You can also create original templates that are easy to share with your whole team.
Easy to share
Share articles through the feed
Posted articles are shared through the feed.
They are not required to be arranged manually like nested categories.
Find articles easily with the search function
Qiita:Team provides a mechanism to easily reference and find articles later,
so that you can focus on sharing without arranging.
It's easy to communicate too
Discuss your thoughts throught comments
You can leave a comment on any article you choose.
Comments work great for sending feedback about articles, and communicating and duscussing items with your colloeagues.
@Notify co-workers via @mention.
Deliver articles to the right people by mentioning them.
@mentionis also useful in comment discussions.

Some of the other features include:

Chat integrations and Webhook

Qiita:Team can be integrated with chat services like Slack, HipChat and ChatWork.
Chat alerts will notify you of any newly shared articles or comments, making Qiita:Team a fluid part of your daily communication services..
It can also be integrated with other tools with Webhook.

Keep Data Secure with SSL and Two-factor Authentication

All pages are served through SSL,
and your account becomes even more secure with our Two-factor authentication procedure.

For administrators

We provide administration pages to manage all of your members and security features.
If you should ever stop using Qiita:Team, all of your data is exportable in a reusable JSON format.

Our Win/Mac application makes much easier to share on the Qiita:Team

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