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Trello Power-Up for Qiita Team


This article is an overview of Trello Power-Up for Qiita Team.

Use Qiita Team Power-Up

To activate Power-Up, please open the Board menu on the right side of the page, select the Power-Ups menu option and press the “Enable” button next to Qiita Team Power-Up.

Authenticate Qiita Team account on Trello

Every user needs to authenticate the Qiita Team account on Trello if once Power-Up is enabled. Please press the “Qiita Team” button on the upper right of the Board.

Allow access

Power-Up and Qiita Team cooperation settings

Now let’s change settings of Qiita Team that will access to Power-Up.

Please enter the subdomain of the team that will use Power-Up in “team subdomain”.

Functions of Qiita Team Power-Up

Qiita Team Power-Up has the following functions.

  • Power-Up is able to attach Qiita Team posts to Trello Cards.
  • Power-Up is able to make Qiita Team posts from Trello Cards.

Attach posts on Qiita Team

You can use all functions by pushing “Power-Up” button on Qiita Team.

You can input Qiita Team URL as a link on the Card.

Attach Qiita Team card

Post the Board to Qiita Team

Likewise, you can use the same button to create a new page in Qiita Team using the Card title and description.

Disable Qiita Team Power-Up

To log out from Qiita Team account on Trello, press “Delete personal settings” from the same edit menu above.

If you do not want to use Power-Up, press the Disable button on the Power-Up sidebar. Please note that this will delete all users who use this Board.

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